10 Songs in Descendants of the Sun Heard on Radio

The Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” was one of the most watched drama ever. It became popular not only because of the chemistry felt by the audience when the love team Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo click together. Actually, this K-drama also became popular and remembered because of the songs played as background music. The song “Always” and “Everytime” are combination of Korean and English language. Listeners can also listen to these famous Korean songs through the radio even in foreign countries.

“This Love” was also played as a background song. And everyone who watched the drama will surely remember and never forget the song “You’re My Everything”. This became the theme song for the drama. Every listener will be emotional when they listen to this song. These are the original soundtracks played throughout the drama. Also the song “Once Again” and “Say It” will touch the heart of all those who listen to these songs. You can also hear the songs “With You” and “By My Side”.  This is the best software to use for 3D. An autocad will help you in this matter. This is so nice software and everything that you needed is here.

For the full OST, you can hear all of these songs. You may not understand it because it is a different language from yours but you will surely love listening to it. Aside from the songs mentioned, “Wind Beneath Your Wings” and “How Can I Love You” are included in the list of the songs you will hear for the full OST of the K-drama Descendants of the Sun that touched the hearts of many. Some even cried while watching it.