The music to play for father and daughter dance

There are differences in the culture around the world and so it is very interesting to know some facts about it. Today, traveling is more done by people and so we could be exposed to the culture of people around the world. Even if we cant know all but we know more today than before. One of the traditions that are practiced during a wedding or after the wedding ceremony is to have the dance between the father and the daughter. Here is a guide through the infographic.

There are the questions that you have to answer and the different stages that you have to choose an answer. Using those answers it would lead you to the recommended type of music that you could choose. You might be surprised at the type of the recommended music. It is worth a try as you may find a great recommendation in this infographic. There would be four final genres that you can have the recommendation. If you do not agree, try answering the questions again.

If you still do not agree, just choose what you feel and what you like. There are already recommended or often used songs also that you can search. You could use that song. You can have many ways to know what will you choose. One good criterion is the favorite song of the father. The father may have taught a song to the bride when she was young and that could also be used.